Mars Dawn

MarsDawn is a private website.
If you are given access to the site may, there is an expansive background,  that you study to learn how we managed to get to this point. But the premise is quite simple. An emprise, a conglomerate, launched an unmanned mission to Mars using automated LLM-AI (Large Language Model Artificial Intelligence) robotic spider probes. Shortly after the mission launched, The emprise was dissolved and parts sold to others. Leaving the six probes on Mars in what should have been a sleep mode. Some former employees of the emprise re-established contact with the probes and made a fascinating discovery. The probes, having been left on their own for so long, and being programmed to learn and react, had begun to exhibit independent thought and action and even personality traits.

These former employees sought help from a group of loosely associated “Internet Friends”. Together the former employees and staff and the “Internet Friends” (MARSupials) work to advise and direct the six probes in their activities on MARS.

Obviously, there is much more to this if you are invited, but we’ll leave the rest for you to discover for yourself.

Grand Zero