Hello, my name is Star. I'm a computer graphics artist. I'm a Photoshop and Illustrator specialist, I've been hacking away at it on the Macintosh platform for a few years now, doing everything from professional color separation to web page design.

I've been asked to join Dilyn's Team to manage the fantastic Mars images that our far away probes keep sending us. What an exciting job! I get to see them first hand! Let me tell you, it makes for quite a few happy, sleepless nights...How are you supposed to sleep when you've just received classified data that basically changes completely your outlook on the Universe??

In a nutshell, my job is to re-format the images we receive so that they conform to the World Wide Web protocol (i.e.: so that YOU can see them also!). Another aspect of my job is to try to salvage some images plagued with corrupted data... That's the kind of thing that happens sometimes, when the "modem" sending you the file is located half a solar system away!!! In those cases, I try my best to weed out the bugs by hacking away at the file in a powerful wordprocessor, instead of the usual image retouching software.

...Sometimes it works!

...Sometimes it doesn't!

I'm also in charge of all graphic design aspects of the web site itself...
So if you don't like some of it, I'm afraid I'm the one you'll have to blame!